Presidents Message

Welcome to the IMA Upstate Council web site. We greatly appreciate Steve Ritter’s continued efforts of keeping the web site running smoothly. We hope the member chapters will use the website as a vehicle to keep in touch with each other and keep us all up to date on the events of the member chapters.

Even though we all have various time constraints that may keep us from the council meetings, we are hoping that all chapter officers will make an effort to attend at least one council meeting a year.
  We have 5 meetings spread throughout the year at various locations including a conference call during winter. It is always worthwhile to get together with other IMA members to discuss chapter needs and activities, career advancement and development, general problem solving and keeping the member chapters on track.

We want to thank Toni Spina for four years on the Global Board of Directors. She was a valuable advocate for the Upstate Council. Steve Ritter is our new Global Board Director for the next two years. IMA Global has a new method for electing Global Board members. We will have to nominate two people when Steve’s term comes to an end. If you are interested, please contact me or one of the other Upstate Council board of directors.

It is important that we all make an effort to participate in some way. Organizations are only as strong as the level of member involvement. Comments and suggestions are welcome and serve to help us move forward in a positive direction. You may contact me at Thank you.